How to file a Complaint against an Insurance Company in India

Learn how to file a complaint against an insurance company in India if you're facing issues with your policy or claim. Discover the different stages and authorities involved in resolving insurance disputes.
How to file a Complaint against an Insurance Company in India

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Initial Steps to Resolve the Issue

  3. Lodging a Complaint with the Insurance Company

  4. Approaching the Insurance Ombudsman

  5. Taking Legal Action

  6. Tips for Filing a Successful Complaint

  7. Conclusion


At times, policyholders may face issues with their insurance companies, such as disputes over claim settlements or discrepancies in policy terms. In such cases, it's crucial to know the correct steps to file a complaint against the insurance company in India. This guide will walk you through the process of filing a complaint, from the initial stages to legal action, and provide tips for a successful outcome.

Initial Steps to Resolve the Issue

Before filing a formal complaint, take the following steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Understand your policy: Review your policy document and terms to ensure that your concern is legitimate and grounded in the policy's provisions.

  2. Communicate with the insurance company: Contact your insurance agent or the company's customer service to discuss the issue and seek resolution.

Lodging a Complaint with the Insurance Company

If the issue remains unresolved after taking the initial steps, file a formal complaint with the insurance company:

  1. Submit a written complaint: Write a detailed complaint explaining your issue and submit it to the insurance company's grievance redressal officer (GRO) or the appropriate department. Be sure to include relevant policy and personal details.

  2. Wait for a response: The insurance company should respond to your complaint within 15 days. If the response is unsatisfactory or not received, you can escalate the matter to the next level.

Approaching the Insurance Ombudsman

If your issue is not resolved satisfactorily by the insurance company, you can approach the Insurance Ombudsman:

  1. Check your eligibility: Ensure that your complaint meets the eligibility criteria, such as being filed within one year of the insurance company's final response or within one year of the dispute arising.

  2. Find your regional Ombudsman: Locate the Insurance Ombudsman office for your region, which can be found on the IRDAI (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India) website.

  3. Submit your complaint: Complete the complaint form and submit it, along with relevant documents, to the Ombudsman's office. The Ombudsman will review your case and may attempt mediation between you and the insurance company.

  4. Ombudsman's decision: If mediation fails, the Ombudsman will make a decision based on the case's merits, which both parties must accept.

Taking Legal Action

If the Ombudsman's decision is not in your favor, or if you are still unsatisfied with the outcome, you can consider taking legal action:

  1. Consult a lawyer: Seek the advice of a lawyer experienced in insurance disputes to evaluate your case and guide you through the legal process.

  2. File a case: File a case in the appropriate consumer court or civil court, depending on the nature and amount of your claim.

Tips for Filing a Successful Complaint

To increase the chances of a successful complaint, consider the following tips:

  1. Keep records: Maintain all relevant documents, correspondence, and evidence related to your policy and the dispute.

  2. Be clear and concise: Clearly outline your issue and expectations in your complaint, avoiding unnecessary details or emotional language.

  3. Follow timelines: Adhere to the specified timelines for filing complaints with the insurance company and the Insurance Ombudsman to ensure your case remains valid.

  4. Stay persistent: Remain committed to resolving the issue and follow up with the appropriate authorities at each stage of the process.


Filing a complaint against an insurance company in India can be a daunting task. However, by following the outlined steps and being persistent in your efforts, you can increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome. Begin by attempting to resolve the issue with the insurance company, escalate the matter to the Insurance Ombudsman if needed, and consider legal action as a last resort. Remember to keep records, communicate clearly, and stay within the specified timelines to ensure your complaint's success.

Subhash Ahlawat
Subhash Ahlawat
Apr 20
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