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About Subhash Ahlawat

Subhash Ahlawat started in 2003 by advising clients (individuals or corporates) about their legal rights and responsibilities. Recognized as one of the most renowned law firms in the area, and featured on websites such as HindustanTimes , OutlookIndia , DeccanHerald , ZeeNews and TribuneIndia , we have built long-term relationships with clients based on trust and professional ethics. Our main focus is to fulfill clients' expectations and bring clarity, direction, and sense to employment disputes. We represent clients in Civil, Criminal, Family Cases, Labour courts, and other related matters in which legal advice is sought. We have built a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and dedication, successfully handling all types of complex cases. As a result, we are counted among the best lawyers in Faridabad. Our services are dedicated to helping our clients succeed both inside and outside the courtroom.

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We represent individuals in all types of employment disputes formal including informal negotiations, trial, arbitration, appeals. We recognize the workplace disputes may be extremely stressful, overwhelming, and intimidating. So, we place a special emphasis on being empathetic to each and every client’s in a particular situation and we will carefully be guiding each and every client through the legal process.

We would proud to help you achieve your workplace goal, and “right the ship” if you’ve been sent off-Couse. We will layout your all legal option clearly and very honestly, and use our years’ experience to help you navigate through difficult times.

Our top advocates in Faridabad are working in the District & Session Court of Faridabad, Gurugram, Palwal, Rohtak, Panipat, Punjab & Haryana High Court, and also in the Supreme Court of India. You can contact us by phone, email to communicate, concisely, and on a timely basis. To be responsive to clients. For that, we can discuss the issues effectively.

General provided services:

  • Counsel on call for day-to-day and emergency matters.
  • Litigation matters
  • Advice on structuring joint ventures and other collaborative relationships
  • Strategically planning and prioritizing legal concerns
  • Advice on unrelated business activities
  • Real estate and tax matters
  • Tax-exempt compliance
  • Guidance through Founder transitions
  • Bylaws review and revision
  • Policy drafting and review

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What our previous clients talking about us

faridabad client

Words cannot justify the outstanding services, professionalism, and excellent results I received from having Mr. Subhash Ahlawat as my defense attorney. It had been a tough point of time in my life and that I am very glad I had Mr. Subhash Ahlawat on my side to resolve it. Highly recommended!

Lt. Col. Ratan Bajaj

delhi client

You took such excellent care of my ancestral property dispute in District Court at Faridabad. We've got found your services to be extremely professional, trustworthy, and counted as the best lawyer in Faridabad. We assure you that we shall still work together within the future also.

Dr. Amarjeet Kalra

gurgaon client

If you're trying to find a good labour lawyer- please, look no further. Mr. Subhash Ahlawat is amazing and highly efficient. I'm very happy with their work efficiency. He is one of the advocates in Faridabad.

Vipin Yadav

top client

The experience I had during my collaboration with Mr. Subhash Ahlawat was very positive. His responses very quick and his suggestions very specific and legally correct. I'm suggesting to him without any doubt.

Balbir Singh

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  • District Court, Faridabad
  • District Court, Dwarka
  • District Court, Gurgaon
  • District Court, Karkardooma
  • District Court, Palwal
  • District Court, Rohtak
  • District Court, Patiala House
  • District Court, Rohini
  • District Court, Saket
  • District Court, Tis Hazari
  • Labour courts in Faridabad
  • National Commission (NCDRC)
  • Punjab and Haryana High Court
  • State Commission Delhi
  • State Consumer Commission, Haryana

It is a constitutional fact and, importantly, a matter of human rights that all human beings are equal and every human being deserves the same chance to obtain legal justice. Hiring a lawyer assures that you have a legal representation in the area of their practice where you have an issue. The lawyers understand the court and law rules, thus working to ensure maximum benefits to the clients.

Discuss With Best Lawyer in Faridabad

At times, we all face a particular situation in life where we need to consult the best lawyer in Faridabad. There could be legal, family, divorce, property, criminal, or civil issues requiring consulting a good lawyer. First things first, to find the best lawyer, one needs to be careful as the legal case will determine the future and well-being of the person. The lawyer that one consults should have the quality of both; a good listener and a good speaker. When there is a meaningful discussion with a lawyer in Faridabad, it could solve your issue even without heading to the courtroom.

Searching for a Lawyer in Faridabad

Searching for a lawyer in Faridabad is not easy. Rather, it is fair if termed as an arduous task. It would help if you reached a lawyer who has time to research and present your case in a court of law. Thus for hiring the best lawyer in Faridabad, consider the following:

Few Tips When Hiring a Lawyer in Faridabad

Good communication skills

The essential quality of a lawyer is that he possess par excellent communication skills. The person should have the capability to persuade the judge and make him consider your point of view.


The lawyer should have the quality to analyze the positive and negative areas of the case and thereby prepare for the case in the most authentic manner to benefit you.

Analytical skills

The lawyer should have analytical skills and thus crystallize the information received incomplete, complete, or wrong with critical methods of analyzing.

Research skills

The essential skill of a lawyer is the ability to research well at zoom speed. The research should satisfy the legal requirements and, at the same time, benefit the client.


The lawyer should have skill and attitude both in his kitty a then only he can perform the activities and tasks most productively and constructively.


Analytical, logical, preserving, along with the required dose of creativity, makes the best lawyer. Creativity here stands for the ability to think out of the box.

Public speaking skills

Being expressive is an essential skill of a great lawyer, which will enable the lawyer to present the case most perfectly and convince the judge.

Kinds of Law Firms in Faridabad

A law firm is a business entity formed by one or more lawyers to practice law in the court of law. The law firm is engaged in advising the clients, be it individuals or corporations, regarding their legal rights and responsibilities. The law firms represent the clients in civil or criminal cases, business transactions, and other matters requiring legal advice and assistance.

The law firms in Faridabad are of the following types:
  • Sole proprietorship- Here the lawyer is the law firm and responsible for all profit, loss, and liability.
  • General partnership- There is more than one lawyer in the firm, and they equally share the profit, loss, and liability.
  • Professional corporations- These issue stocks to lawyers like that of business corporations.
  • Professional corporations- These issue stocks to lawyers like that of business corporations.
  • Limited liability company- Here the lawyers are members but are not liable to party creditors of the law firm.
  • Professional association- It is like a professional corporation or a limited liability company.
  • Limited liability partnership- The lawyers are partners, but the partners are not liable to any firm's creditor, nor are the partners responsible for any negligence done by the other partner.

Practice Area of Lawyer Subhash Ahalawat

There are several areas for practice for a lawyer. A pro lawyer like Subhash Ahalawat has expertise in various practice areas. He can thereby suggest and analyze the case from several angles and help the client in a way that benefits them the most. Some of the practice areas are as follows:

  • Family
  • Divorce
  • Civil
  • Corporate
  • Criminal litigation
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business
  • Property
  • Labour
  • Banking laws
  • Bodily injury defense

Best Criminal Lawyers in Faridabad

All the practice areas finding the best criminal lawyer in Faridabad is the most difficult one. The reason is simple a lousy lawyer can land you in prison or even cost your life. One needs the services of a criminal lawyer in cases of crime against a person (murder or assault), a crime against property (like theft), or in case of any other criminal offense. Before hiring a criminal lawyer, it is essential to vouch for their experience to assure their competence. Subhash Ahalawat is an experienced criminal lawyer in Faridabad and can assist you right from filing an anticipatory bail to regular bail to appeal after conviction or to quash the FIR.

Family Lawyer in Faridabad

The family lawyer deals with all family-related issues and domestic relations. The family law practices focus on representing clients in divorce and the issues related to divorces like division of marital property, custody of children, support, alimony, and such matters. Here one needs a good lawyer like Subhash Ahalawat, who has the best combination of analytical, logical, and creative thinking with the best empathetic aspect, thus get the judgment in your favor.

Best Civil Lawyer in Faridabad

Presently in this era, it is expected that one can find themselves in civil litigation. Thus any legal dispute will need assistance from Subhash Ahlawat. There could be cases of a legal dispute arising between two parties and result in claiming monetary compensation in cases where there are no options for criminal sanction. Thus, hiring an experienced civil lawyer in Faridabad who can help you understand your rights and know civil law is required. The topics concerning are intellectual property, disputes between shareholders, employment and labor-related issues, worker compensation, and more. The civil lawyer ensures that his clients do not have to face any monetary loss or face criminal sanctions./ they help in the paperwork so that no issue arises in the future.

Divorce Lawyer in Faridabad

Nothing is more important than family, and at times, there are disputes between the family members. There is a blame game to play in the family, and at times a married couple may resort to filing a divorce. Many divorces are friendly, and some get very nasty. No matter what the stance is, there are legal formalities involved in divorce and thus call for the assistance of a divorce lawyer in Faridabad. There is tax litigation involved, along with child custody and more. Therefore if you are heading to court for divorce-related issues, you need to consult a lawyer. Subhash Ahalawat is knowledgeable and understands the emotional aspect of the cases and thus works to the maximum benefit of the client and his family. In such cases, the lawyer needs to strike the best balance between emotions and laws. A family lawyer in Faridabad helps the clients with sensitive issues without affecting the psychological condition of the people.

Corporate Lawyer in Faridabad

Today it is witnessed that there is a massive surge in the hiring of corporate lawyers in Faridabad. Hiring a good corporate lawyer will benefit the business. A corporate lawyer ensures that the company runs for a long and grows. A corporate law attorney helped was saving money in the long run. An established corporate lawyer who is experienced helps with business-oriented strategies and solutions that benefit the company. Subhash Ahalawa is a pro at this practice area, and therefore he can assist the clients right from the incorporation of the company. A corporate lawyer assures that the client builds strong relationships with his business associates and partners. In case of any litigation or matter concerning the law, he intervenes and helps the client overcome all challenging situations.

Why Choose Subhash Ahalawat


One of the most reputed lawyers in Faridabad is Subhash Ahalawat. His name is known, and he needs no introduction as his work speaks for him. His practice areas are divorce, family, civil, consumer, criminal litigation, narcotics and drugs, arbitration, defamation, loaned money recovery, bodily injury defense, banking laws, labor laws, property claims, and more. He covers vast areas of law and thus can handle the cases in a very mature manner to benefit his clients.


He has been practicing and advising people about laws and their rights for about two decades. He handles the cases of both individuals and corporate. It is all due to his integrity, professionalism, and dedication that he could handle all sorts of issues with high success. It took years of diligent efforts to establish himself as a reputed lawyer. He practices in the District Court of Faridabad, Dwarka, Rohtak, Patiala House, Rohini, Saket, Tis Hazari, Palwal and Gurgaon, Labour courts in Faridabad, National Commission, State Commission Delhi, State Consumer Commission Haryana, and Punjab and Haryana High Courts.


Despite his busy schedule and commitment, he presents all cases with utmost research. He gets involved with the cases, hearing, and follow-ups so that none of the clients are at a loss. He is available for regular meetings, and one can get in touch with them as required. Importantly what makes him the most sought-after lawyer is that he makes time for meetings at your convenience.

Fees Structure-

The clients' fees are charged after including all expenses, even the miscellaneous ones so that the clients are satisfied and aware before choosing them as the lawyer. There are no hidden costs or charges that can shock the clients. Therefore the clients are aware of the invoice and are not shocked when asked to clear the dues.

From the above parameters and points, it is clear that one needs to hire the best lawyer in Faridabad if any court case arises. Defending oneself with the help of a professional will cost but then save from the penalty or prison sentence.

Best Lawyer in Faridabad: FAQ

1. What do lawyers in Faridabad do?

The lawyers in Faridabad have expertise in dealing with court cases. They advise the clients and represent their legal rights in court cases.

What questions should I ask a lawyer before hiring one?

It is essential to enquire about the practice areas and years of practice of the lawyer before hiring them.

3. When is it time to hire a lawyer?

When you need legal assistance or legal representation, then it is time to hire a lawyer.

4. What should my lawyer expect from me?

The lawyer should expect honest disclosure and information from you, and on that basis, they can prepare the case to present in court.

5. Can I change my lawyer in the middle of a case?

it is possible to change the lawyer in the middle of the case. One needs to inform the lawyer that he is fired from the point and a new lawyer for the case has been hired. However, the new lawyer needs to work with the old one to get the file.

6. How can a business lawyer help me?

A business lawyer helps the business owner to understand the different legal issues and their impact on the business operations.

6. How can a business lawyer help me?

A business lawyer helps the business owner to understand the different legal issues and their impact on the business operations.

What does a Criminal Lawyer do

Criminal lawyer defines criminal offenses as well as the laws and procedures that apply when these offenses occur. Criminal law prohibits unethical behavior that endangers the welfare and property of the public. Murder, theft, and arson are all examples, as are car theft, money laundering, and terrorism.
There are two aspects to the criminal justice system. Law is used to restrict the behavior of citizens, but it also helps people understand the consequences of their acts. This is because criminal law also includes the punishment and rehabilitation of persons who break the law.

What does a Criminal Lawyer in Faridabad do?

There is no blueprint describing the work description for a best criminal lawyer in Faridabad due to the broad nature of the profession and the vastness of criminal law. Criminal Law Solicitors are divided into several groups, which we will discuss below:
Criminal Defence By presenting their case in court, a Criminal Defense Solicitor assists someone accused or charged with a crime in ensuring that their legal rights are protected and that they are granted a fair trial.

Although the position of a Criminal Defense Lawyer is varied, typical responsibilities include:

  • Acting as an advocate for defendants at all stages of a criminal prosecution, from police investigation to presenting their case in court.
  • Reviewing documentation relating to an offense and the case
  • Guiding clients over the phone and in-person (including witness statements, police reports, forensic reports, medical records, etc.)
  • Matters requiring research, planning, and investigation
  • Communicating with defendants in jails and police stations
  • Drafting legal document
  • Creating a thorough, accurate, and compelling defense for the accused

Criminal Duty

A Criminal Duty Solicitor is another form of Criminal Defense Lawyer. Duty Solicitors represent those who are suspected or accused of committing a crime but do not have access to a lawyer, whether they are in police custody or not. Their services are provided pro gratis (for no fee) since the Legal Services Commission, the government agency that offers Legal Aid, pay them.

Criminal Duty Solicitors are not hired by the courts or the police force. They work for a group of Solicitors to ensure that the accused's legal rights are protected. A Duty Solicitor can help those who have been arrested or held at a police station, as well as accompany them to their initial court appearance. They cannot assist if the accused already has a lawyer, is in the middle of a trial, or has been charged with a crime that does not carry a sentence of imprisonment. Criminal Prosecution

A Crown Prosecutor or Prosecution Lawyer is in charge of presenting the case against persons accused of a crime. The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a government department that employs them.

The function of a Prosecution Lawyer differs from that of a Defendant Lawyer not only in terms of who they represent but also in terms of whether or not to prosecute the accused and take the matter to court.

Whether you're a Criminal Defense or Prosecution Lawyer, you'll need to be able to make choices without bias, argue your case successfully, and ensure that the court is presented with all relevant evidence. In the next section, you'll learn about the other talents needed to be a criminal lawyer.

Why is civil law important

A civil lawyer in Faridabad serves as both an advocate and an advisor in non-criminal situations involving people's rights and liberties.

What do civil lawyers do?

Lawyers provide legal advice and representation in court and private legal disputes by studying and analyzing legal issues. It is an essential role for individuals and corporations to interpret laws, rules, and regulations, as well as communicate with the opposing party's attorney and the court. Service of the opposite party with Discovery Requests in which you request specific information. Couples expand their financial resources and assets in search of divorce lawsuits.
Services provided by the best civil lawyer in Faridabad are:

  • Appearance in front of a variety of competent authorities in all commercial and civil procedures,
  • Document preparation and submission, such as deeds, plaints, and applications
  • Property-related documents, such as a sale deed and a memorandum of agreement, should be drafted,
  • Filing trademark and copyright applications in multiple jurisdictions, as well as addressing trademark disputes
  • Litigation, property conflicts, and other forms of negotiation,
  • Family Law, Constitutional Law, Service Law, Company Law, Insolvency, Banking, and Finance Law, Recovery Suit, Consumer Law, Property Suit, Wills and Probate, and other services are available,
  • Keeping the client informed of any changes or updates to the law.

What does a typical day at work involve?

  • Case presentation to jurors and judges
  • Meeting with clients to learn about and manage their legal transactions
  • Creating formal documents, letters, and agreements that are tailored to the needs of the customer
  • Deciphering laws and decisions for individuals, businesses, and organizations
  • Investigating official data and counseling clients on legal and legal issues relevant to their case
  • Obtaining evidence to develop a defense plan
  • Laws, judgments, and regulations are interpreted for individuals and corporations
  • Communicate with clients and opposing advocates
  • Legal appeals in state and federal courts of appeals
  • Negotiating the resolution of legal conflicts
  • Creating legal briefs

Why is civil law important

Civil law is essentially concerned with conflict resolution to prevent disagreements between individuals from escalating into a violent confrontation. It promotes collaboration among members of society while discouraging exploitative behavior and unethical commercial activities. Without civil law, larger corporations could exploit smaller businesses by failing to pay for goods or services as promised. On the same hand, if a tenant's former landlord simply refused to return a security deposit without providing a reasonable explanation, they would have no recourse.

Libel trials are critical to preserving the delicate balance between free expression and individual rights. It encourages media sources to present accurate information and allows people to criticize any reports they believe are inaccurate. In 2019, a judge awarded Gregory Rush over AUS$2 million in compensation after the Daily Telegraph in Australia published reports accusing the actor of inappropriate behavior toward a co-star. The stories were branded as "recklessly irresponsible pieces of sensationalist journalism of the worst type" by a judge. Large rewards are unquestionably relevant in the circumstances like this. However, litigants are frequently more concerned with repairing something that money cannot buy: their reputation and good standing in society.